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ยท One min read
Peter R. Spackman

Wordle is a simple, elegant word game which has become massively popular, at least on twitter.

So far, the author hasn't commercialized it, and the social aspect of comparing your performance for the same puzzle to others every day clearly hits on something very appealing.

As when any puzzle gets popular, there has been lots of discussion around wordle solvers. You might think "Oh he's changed the date on his computer" but it's really nothing at all intelligent on my part. Simply thanks to the hacker known as View Page Source, I can reveal that it actually has a defined ordered list of words in plain text in its source code.

I searched for the word for today in the source and noticed that the previous words for the past few days were right there too, so it was pretty clear that it indexing into this array of words based on date. While the code itself was minified, it was pretty straightforward to look for uses of the array and deduce the method.

So without further ado, here's the ultimate strategy for completing wordle every day: cheating.

Tomorrow's wordle is: